AbrahamBonora - Studio for Architecture

Our buildings are characterized by a dialogue with the respective location. They are a construct closely linked to the surrounding context and are carefully developed to meet the needs of their residents or users optimally and to create a unique identity. We avoid any repetitive formalism and instead strive for innovative solutions that dynamically adapt to the specific requirements and conditions.
Special attention is paid to the interaction between interior and exterior spaces, as well as to the precise design of the resulting intermediate spaces that mark the transition from the conceived and shaped interior to the organic outdoor environment.
The careful selection and economical use of materials play a crucial role. We primarily work with raw, local materials characterized by a creative planning approach and experimental craftsmanship. This gives each of our projects, regardless of its scale, a distinctive identity and signature.

Thomas Abraham

Arch. Thomas Abraham

born 1981 in Bozen

School for Surveyor Bozen

Study of Architecture in Innsbruck and Florenz

cooperation with various architecture offices in South Tyrol

own office since 2012

AbrahamBonora - Studio for Architecture since  2019

Ivan Bonora

Arch. Ivan Bonora

born 1981 in Bozen

Industrial High School Bozen

Study of Architecture in Innsbruck and Lund, SE

cooperation with various architecture offices in South Tyrol

2012-2015 cooperation with various architecture offices in Shanghai, CN

own office since 2016

AbrahamBonora - Studio for Architecture since 2019

Klema, 3d-printer

produced 2021 in der Ukrainw

cooperation across different projects


Claudia Unterhauser, Interior Architect

Markus Baldo, cand. Arch. UIBK