Mitzi Houses


Completed 2020

A construction project for 3 families directly below the Mendelbahn, slightly above Kaltern.
The townhouse typology buried in the terrain, tapering and dissolving upwards, combines open spaces and terraces under an expansive, projecting roof.

In contrast to the majority of conventional single-family or townhouses, the bedrooms are located on the ground floor of the house. Due to the slope of the terrain, this level is illuminated on the east side. The three ground floor areas of the houses are attached to each other, forming somewhat the base of the building. The living areas are located on the floor above. Due to the sloping terrain, they can be accessed at ground level at the back. The shape of the buildings is designed so that, through setbacks of the facade on the south side, the living spaces can be illuminated on three sides. The roof with brown sheet metal covering extends from the respective neighboring building over the ridge to the ground, thus forming the outer wall of the terrace for the adjacent house.
This setback and the resulting building shape create the optical impression of three adjacent freestanding buildings, in contrast to the appearance of a traditional townhouse.

Photos: Jürgen Eheim