House S


Completed 2019
Tramin | Italien

An extension for the daughter, nestled among vineyards at the southern end of Tramin.
A continuation of the existing structure, attempting to translate the complexity of the local architectural culture, its open and closed volumes, the blending of functions, and its response to the prevailing climate into the present.

The architectural concept of the building harmoniously combines functionality and tradition. On the ground floor, open spaces offer versatile usage options: they serve as both a parking garage and machinery room for agricultural equipment, as well as a covered gathering space, where the element of water in the form of a well is always present. On the upper floor is the enclosed residential volume, surrounded by a series of open, covered volumes. These outdoor spaces were historically significant as they were once used for all farmyard activities. They are designed to be both ventilated by the wind to protect against summer overheating and to provide sheltered areas that can be used year-round.
The choice of the materials concrete-wood-plaster reflects the simplicity of local architecture. Load-bearing elements in the outdoor areas consist of steel supports and reinforced concrete. Oversized formwork panels were used to avoid transverse lines in the structure.

The ceiling height on the ground floor varies in its height, indicating the 'warm' and 'cold' areas. The terraces were cast from waterproof reinforced concrete, ground, and hydrophobized, avoiding a complex layering approach. Large glass fronts allow winter sunlight to penetrate deeply into the living spaces. A wood-burning fireplace provides additional warmth in winter, while textile shading protects against summer overheating. The flat pitched roof is greened and allows water from short summer storms to not immediately seep into the ground.