House D


Completed 2020

An extension for the daughter between two traditional buildings in Kaltern St. Nikolaus.
Working with the natural terrain slope along the wall, shifting two basic forms creates meandering intermediate spaces, both open and closed. A roof slab connects everything.

The architectural body develops along the boundary wall to the east and consists of two differentiated volumes with pitched roofs. These are connected by a green roof area and accommodate various spatial functions. The western part houses the sleeping area with rooms and ancillary spaces, while the eastern area hosts the kitchen with dining area. The entrance and living area are located in between. Access is provided from above via the open gallery between the old boundary wall and the new building. A covered foyer and a spacious outdoor living area complement the building.
Externally, the extension is intended to expand the courtyard ensemble of existing buildings and the main house behind it, while delineating it to the east. Smooth concrete, wood, and lime plaster anchor the new construction in the prevailing building tradition.