Tiny Square


Completed 2018

A community space at Brunnenweg in Kaltern St. Nikolaus.
Carved into an unused green rest area, a sheltered place is created.

At the historic Brunnenweg, named after the numerous fountains along its course, the central hub was to be redesigned. A remaining area in the center, planted with rose bushes, was ground and leveled. The ground was covered with local porphyry paving stones. The surrounding retaining walls, enclosing the newly created square, were deliberately angled to blend organically into the terrain. The cobblestone pavement extends across this sloping surface to visually enlarge the square. The structure is bordered by a curbstone cast in red exposed concrete. One of the three former fountains was placed at one end of the square, while at the other end, a bench with a pergola serving as a "roof" completes the intervention.

In collaboration with Architect Benno Plunger.

Photos: Jürgen Eheim